Whether you need new movable walls to create more flexibility in your rooms, or you need to repair and maintain your existing movable walls, no matter what brand name you have, please contact EUROWALL. Our well trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to assure you of unparalleled expertise and quality service.


EUROWALL has provided a trouble-shooting checklist that an operator can use in the event that your partition system fails to operate properly.
1. The panels are hanging      out of plumb. You probably have loose or broken trolleys (carrier) or a broken trolley support beam. To correct this, tighten the loose carriers to return the panels to plumb or, replace the broken carrier or support beam.
2. The panels are sticking     or hard to move. This is caused by three factors: dirt in the track, misaligned track joints or a broken trolley. First, clean the track. Align the joints, or have a EUROWALL distributor replace the trolley.
3. The panels are making     an abnormal noise     during movement. This is a usually an indication of a broken trolley or misaligned track joint. To fix, simply replace the trolley or align the joints.
4. The panel's bottom     seal doesn't operate. this is caused by broken springs on automatic type seals. Replacement of broken springs or mechanisms is recommended. Contact Eurowall.
5. The panel has a broken     or worn trolley. This is caused by two factors. First, you may have damaged track joints. Or, the trolleys have been abused during handling at the "L" and "T" instersections on your track. In this case, realign the track joints, replace the trolleys and retrain operators on proper handling.
6.The final lever closure     panel is not extending     or operates with     difficulty. The internal activator mechanism may be stripped and needs to be replaced.  Replacement of the internal activator mechanism is recommended. Contact Eurowall.
7. The panel's pass door      is not latching. First, check to see if the seals are set on the leg. The strike plate may need adjustment.
With any problem that you encounter, please contract Eurowall for help.


Movable Wall Operation

Proper care will ensure the longest life of your partitioning system. Here are some simple tips to follow:

1. Always handle your partitions carefully. Avoid excessive force.
2. Never ride the partitions as this will damage the carriers and tracks.
3. Never set the mechanical seals onto objects lodged under the partition such as electrical cords or debris.
4. Never store anything other than the panels in the stacking position.
5. Avoid leaning against the partitions and never lean ladders against the partitions.
6. Never hammer or kick the partitions to force operation. EUROWALL partitions that don’t operate smoothly after     applying simple  troubleshooting techniques mentioned above may require service. Please contact us or your     authorized EUROWALL distributor.



As with all EUROWALL partitioning systems, EUROWALL highly recommends signing a service and maintenance contract with us or your local distributor. Annual maintenance by a EUROWALL well trained technician will keep your partitions properly adjusted and prevent serious costly damage.

1. Check exposed screws in panel vertical profiles and tighter as required.
2. Check to ensure the partition’s seal work and stack properly.
3. Operate the pass doors and adjust if necessary.
4. Check for torn surface material and repair or replace.