The selection

Panel Types
Characteristics Panels with aluminium frame for superior sound insulation but less storage The economical movable wall for optimum sound insulation but less storage space. Maximum sound insulation and excellent stability
Dimensions Panel thickness 89mm 89mm 100mm
Panel height (max.) 5200mm 5200mm 8500mm
Panel width (min./max.) 600 / 1220mm 600 / 1220mm 600 / 1220mm
Construction Frame material Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Panel connection(vertical joints)
Aluminium tongue and groove profile incorporating with vinyl seals
Vertical sound seals
Deep interlock but easy detach, incorporating with dual vinyl acoustical seals

Horizontal sound seals



Both top and bottom retractable seals are easily and simultaneously activated by approximate 5 turns of a detachable crank handle located 900mm from the floor at edge of the panels with just a bit of strength. Seals do not contact floor or track during movement of the panels.
Corner sound seals
Elastic tongue and groove joint kit with same design of vertical sound seals.
Panel face (bare finish) 12mm particle / gypsum board 12mm particle board / chipboard 15mm particle / gypsum board
Panel facing design Surrounding edges protected by rigid aluminium frame. Vertical edges protected by rigid aluminium profile. Surrounding edges protected by rigid aluminium frame.
Technical Sound insulation in STC 38/40/42/46/48 38/40/42/46/48 42/46/48/50/52/54
Weight (approximately) 26/28/30/36/44 kgs/ĘT 26/28/30/36/44 kgs/ĘT 30/36/44/46/48/52 kgs/ĘT
Maximum contact pressure of the horizontal sound seals per panel 1,300N 1,000N 1,650N
Top clearance 25-40mm 25-40mm 25-40mm
Bottom clearance 25-50mm 25-50mm 25-50mm
Telescopic panel
Panel integrates with an exterior overlapping expandable jamb.



The track systems

The movement of individual wall panel occurs via tracks which are fixed to main structure. The tracks and track inter-sections are made of architectural graded clear anodized aluminium alloy 6063-T6. It has integral support for adjoining ceiling, soffit, or plenum sound barrier. The robust multi-roller systems enable the high panels to move easily without noise and roll through intersections smoothly.

The horizontal sections

The vertical section

The suspending systems

The EUROWALL integrated with advanced suspending systems, including varied types of tracks and roller mechanisms, enables easy, quiet and smooth operation with less strength. The selection of track type and layout is a need to be coordinated with the suspended ceiling construction and the height of movable walls. The suspending systems have to be installed before the installation of suspended ceilings.

The storage

The EUROWALL offers various stacking systems and storage cabinets. The movable walls can disappear completely or be stacked in an un-obstructive way. The following are some examples of stacking positions, cabinets and pocket doors.

The specification

Panel Construction

1. Nominal thickness shall be 89/100mm.
2. Width of panel will not be less then 600mm or larger than 1219mm.
3. Clear anodized aluminium frame of panel shall be designed to capture and protect edges of panel finishes.
4. Panel surface shall have 12/15mm particle board or gypsum board backing for receiving finishes.


1. Vertical sound seals will be tongue and groove aluminium profile incorporating with Vinyl acoustical seals.
2. Top horizontal sound seals between panels and top supporting track will be retractable type and provide 25mm      nominal operating clearance.
3. Bottom horizontal sound seals between panels and floor will be retractable type and provide a range of 25-50mm      nominal operating clearance to accommodate normal floor gradient.
4. Both top and bottom horizontal seals exert a maximum force of 1650N respectively when the seals are fully extended.

Suspending System

1. Track will be heavy duty type made of architectural grade clear anodized aluminium alloy 6063-T6. The track will      incorporate alignment pins for positive alignment and it will be unitized for optimum sound control. It also have       integral support for adjoining ceiling, soffit, or plenum sound barrier;
2. Two heavy duty type carriers shall be provided for each panel. Each carrier has two horizontal counter-rotating  wheels      that roll (not slide) inside the track. Each wheel composes of precision ground steel ball bearings  implanted in           polymer tires  for protecting the aluminium track and for ensuring quiet operation. Carriers will easily  negotiate      square or angled track intersections without switches.

Partitioning System

1. The lead panel shall be fixed into an acoustical wall abutment or be completed with balloon Vinyl seal without a wall     abutment.
2. Both top and bottom horizontal retractable seals will be simultaneously operated by a detachable crank handle      located approximately 900mm from the floor at panel edge. The seals will not contact floor or tract during movement of      the panels. Operation of the seals require about 4 turns of the crank handle with just a bit of strength in order to      ensure the wrist of operator will not be got sprain.
3. The telescopic panel shall be constructed same as basic panels but with an expanding jamb operated by detachable      crank handle. The expending jamb will compensate for out-of-jamb conditions or minor wall  irregularities and      provides a  positive pressure seal to achieve maximum sound insulation performance. No permanently fixed and      wall-mounted abutments are needed, but wall-mounted abutments are available for your optional selection.
4. Single or double inset pass doors will have the same panel thickness without protruding door hardware. The doors      shall include standard hinges and latch lock.

Panel Finish

1. The panels can be finished smooth or with aluminium edging profiles.
2. Subject to designer°¶s selection, a wide range of materials, such as laminate, textiles, wood veneer, lacquered wood,     glass and etc, can be fixed onto the panels.

Sound Baffle

1. Sound baffle of similar acoustic performance as the movable acoustic wall will be installed on both sides of the     supporting frame above the aluminium track.
2. Normally, sound baffle will comprise of 1 layer of 12mm gypsum board on both sides with 16kg/m3 mineral
     insulation infill.